The Great Wall of China or Simply a Chain-Link Fence?

Technology changes more rapidly than the Oklahoma weather. When it comes to protecting our data, the options are not only endless, but also quickly evolving. When you talk to others about how they protect their information, there will be a plethora of suggestions and scenarios. So, which is best for you and your company? What will provide the best protection with the least amount of hassle? We have provided a few suggestions to help guide you toward that perfect solution of walling off your data from corruption and theft.

1) Encryption – Encryption is the scrambling of information on a computer or network to make it unreadable by unauthorized users. There are several types of encryption, from file and folder encryption, to full-disk encryption. The full-disk option will offer protection for the whole computer; files, folders, and volumes. It is transparent to users, and doesn’t require a special place for files to be kept. When using this type of encryption, the computer requires a passcode or encryption key when powering on.