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Finding Extra Money That You're Hiding

Many times, we ignore the small ways of cutting expenses because they don’t appear to make that big of a difference. However, just like a kind word can lift a heavy burden, combining several small money-saving tips can pay huge rewards. As we mentioned in our last article, those daily lattes can add up quickly and drain around $100 a month; not to mention if you get that tempting pastry, as well.

Here are a few more money-saving tips to help build cash to fund your Christmas purchases (and maybe your vacation next year…)

  1. Speaking of eating, evaluate your eating habits. How many meals do you eat at a restaurant because of your busy schedule? Can you cut those “nice” meals in half and either eat fast food or pack a meal? What about sharing a meal?

  2. When grocery shopping, take a list with you and set a time limit. This will help keep you focused on what you “need” and make it easier to avoid impulsive buying because you will “get what you need and leave”.

  3. Balance your “FOMO/YOLO” mind-set. In today’s society, it is easy to allow your “fear of missing out” to cause you to go overboard in efforts to keep up with the Kardashian’s. “You only live once”, so spend your money wisely and make it last.

  4. When making a purchase with cash, never use change. Instead, save all of your change in a jar at home. This can add up to over a hundred dollars very quickly.

  5. Shop around for the best deal on things like internet providers, cable TV, interest rates on bank accounts, and even negotiate a better interest rate for your credit cards.

  6. Look around, have you been collecting something that you don’t use anymore and could sell for a little extra cash? Get it listed!

  7. Get those customer rewards cards and use them to your benefit. You may view them as an inconvenience, but a small hassle could earn discounts on food and clothing; not to mention free car rentals and hotel stays!

  8. Turn off the lights and ceiling fans when natural light will do, or you’re not home. This may sound like a very small thing, but the added usage over time, can add up.

  9. Cancel unused club subscriptions. You may aspire to someday, go to the gym, but if your schedule doesn’t allow, don’t keep paying them a monthly fee.

  10. Slow down: not just your life, but driving. You will be surprised how much fuel economy will increase, if you consistently drive slower. (Remember how much slower your drove, and how much you avoided driving when fuel was close to $3.00/gallon?)

The Bottom Line:

You may be thinking these tips appear meaningless and some may sound too difficult for an apparent small return. However, knowing that every gift under the tree this Christmas is paid for isn’t such a small thing after all; especially if your sacrifice made it possible.

Happy Saving!

Heads Up!

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Stress Relieving Tip:

Close Your Eyes – That’s right. Stop and close your eyes. It’s ok (unless you’re driving). Take a quick break from a busy office or chaotic household by just lowering your eyelids for a few seconds. It helps regain focus and gives a moment of respite.

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