A Smile Among Frowns, Scowls, and Tears

Kindness Matters

In a small community in Kansas, a number of successful alumni from a local college have decided to give back to their town, but want no recognition for it. They have partnered with the local school district and gather a list of needs from teachers, students, and the school itself. They distribute the list to their members. The members then contribute toward the needs that they feel strongly about.

Over the past eight months, they estimate that they have donated approximately $65,000 towards, teaching aids for teachers, software for the school district, sports shoes for kids who want to try out for sports, clothing, and many other supplies for the students and teachers. They have also purchased cameras for the journalism classes, and other secretive projects that benefit individual students.

Their goal is not for recognition, but to afford every child the opportunity to learn, removing as many roadblocks as possible.