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Breaking News! New Filing Requirements for ALL Business Owners

Due to a provision in the Consolidated Appropriations Act passed by Congress, the filing deadlines for employer copies of Forms W-2/1099-MISC have changed.

The IRS has set a new deadline for Forms W-2/W-3, 1099-MISC, and Form 1096 of January 31st, 2017.

Likewise, Oklahoma is no longer accepting paper copies of 1099’s. These must be electronically filed on the OKTAP system.

The IRS is stressing that there will be no grace for these filings and penalties and interest are highly likely. Due to identity theft, there are additional processes and filing requirements at both the federal and state levels for preparers. As a result of the additional processing time required, our pricing is now $125 for the Form 1096 and $15 per 1099 form.

Reminder: These forms are due for any contract labor, medical and health care payments, prizes and awards, services, etc. that are $600 or more for the year. For additional requirements on who should receive a 1099-MISC, feel free to contact our office or visit the IRS website at:

If you would like us to prepare your W-2/W-3, 1099-MISC, and 1096 forms, it is imperative that we have your information in our office no later than January 20th to ensure that they are completed and filed before the deadline. Click Here to download the 1099 Info Sheet to help in the compilation of the information needed to prepare these forms.

We appreciate the trust that you show in our firm by your continued business. We look forward to servicing you in this area as well.

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